Community Revitalization

In the past few years, we have conducted Neighborhood Rebuilding Days in Gerritsen Beach, Coney Island, Red Hook, Canarsie, Brownsville, the Rockaways, Jamaica, and Staten Island. If you are a nonprofit organization and in need of repairs and are open to volunteer projects, please click on the apply button and follow the instructions.
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What is the Community Revitalization program?

Rebuilding Together NYC is committed to building strong, sustainable neighborhoods in which New York City residents can thrive. Community centers and public spaces are extensions of our living spaces, especially in a city as densely populated as NYC, and vital to our physical, mental, and social health. Project examples include interior community center repairs, basketball courts, murals, landscaping, the construction of raised garden beds, and more.  We accomplish this work in close partnership with locally-based organizations and community leaders.

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Revitalizing Communities:
The SheBuilds Initiative for Empowering Women

SheBuilds, a committee of real estate professionals, collaborates closely with Rebuilding Together NYC to further its mission. Each year, the group brings together over 100 volunteers from the real estate sector to enhance a nonprofit facility that aids under-resourced women and their families. The focus is clear: use their real estate knowledge to improve living conditions for women and families in NYC.

A notable project undertaken by SheBuilds was the 2019 refurbishment of the Sarah Powell Huntington House. Managed by the Women’s Prison Association, this shelter for formerly incarcerated women and their children received necessary upgrades. From mold treatment to repainting spaces, and from improving the childcare area to enhancing shared outdoor areas, the volunteer efforts significantly benefited the facility. Through nearly 800 hours of service, SheBuilds made a positive difference for the residents of the Sarah Powell Huntington House and the larger community.

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Community Revitalization's Impact

Rebuilding Together NYC collaborates with non-profit organizations by recruiting and managing groups of volunteers to revitalize their community spaces.

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